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About the program

Zavtra.UA is the first private large scale scholarship program in Ukraine. There is no stronger driver of change than future generations empowered with knowledge and values. Therefore, to empower the generation that will build a new Ukraine, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation has invested in scholarships for the best Ukrainian students since 2006.

Over 2,500 students have received a stipend after having undergone a selection process that tests level of professional knowledge and leadership potential. They make up the Zavtra.UA community (“zavtra” means “tomorrow” in Ukrainian).

The grantees receive a monthly stipend and become members of the biggest changemaker community in Ukraine. Zavtra.UA program provides opportunities for professional and personal development, networking and exchanging experience. Members of Zavtra.UA community are eligible to receive financial, expert and media support for creating their own projects and initiatives.

Grantees have an opportunity to attend lectures by world leaders in Kyiv, where they learn from global experience and receive inspiration for their own endeavors. Among others, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Shimon Peres, Condoleezza Rice, Jimmy Wales have spoken to the Zavtra.UA community. Selected alumni are invited to the Young Leaders Section at the Yalta European Strategy (YES) Annual Meetings, where they meet with global thinkers and political leaders to discuss challenges facing Ukraine and the world. The scholarship holders volunteer in Ukraine House in Davos organized by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation and its partners alongside the World Economic Forum.

Zavtra.UA also organizes summer camps for its grantees and selected students from all over Ukraine, among such events are “Climate Change Camps” (in partnership with the Coca-Cola Foundation) and “YOU Camp – Youth, Opportunities, Unity” (in partnership with Global Office in 2017 and Coca-Cola Foundation in 2018 and 2019).

In addition, the Foundation encourages and supports stipend recipients who implement projects for social change (thus far, 170 have been completed). It also organizes seminars to broaden students’ knowledge about global challenges.

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation, an international, private and non-partisan philanthropic foundation based in Ukraine, was established in 2006 by businessman and philanthropist Victor Pinchuk. It empowers the young generation to change their country and the world. To this end it implements projects and builds partnerships in Ukraine and worldwide. Since 2006, the Foundation has invested over 142 million USD to transform Ukraine.

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s projects include, among others: an all-Ukrainian network of neonatal centres Cradles of Hope; the largest private scholarship program in Ukraine, Zavtra.UA; the WorldWideStudies scholarship programme for Ukrainian students studying abroad and the PinchukArtCentre, the most dynamic art centre in Ukraine and the region, which gives free-of-charge access to contemporary art to inspire new thinking. The Foundation supports the international network Yalta European Strategy (YES), a leading forum for discussing Ukraine’s European future and global context.

The foundation supports a crowdfunding platform to foster giving in Ukrainian society, the Philanthropic Marketplace. The Foundation is a member of the European Foundation Centre and the Ukrainian Grantmakers Forum. It cooperates with the Atlantic Council, the Brookings Institution, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, the Council on Foreign Relations, Amicus Europae Foundation and other nongovernmental organizations.

Official website: pinchukfund.org